U-Zone - A Flexible Innovation Platform

Develop and run customized applications

U-zone is a flexible solution that brings the possibility to innovate and explore new technologies by building applications on top of the Kollmorgen vehicle controller in a modern programming environment. You can develop and run customized applications, for example:

  • Interfaces to communicate with external devices.
  • Diagnostic applications.
  • Improved load handling applications.

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For more information or questions about the release, contact your Kollmorgen sales representative or send an email to sales.agv@kollmorgen.com.

Key benefits

  • Innovating and testing new solutions are easier and faster with U-Zone.
  • U-Zone makes it possible to build customer specific solutions to differentiate from competitors.
  • All developers familiar with C and C++ will be able to build software that improves the vehicle solution.
  • No need to buy extra hardware to run third party software.

New web interface with U-Zone support

In the U-Zone interface, it is possible to upload and monitor U-Zone applications. You can also view CPU power and memory usage of U-Zone applications via Resource Monitor.