Navigate Tricky Situations with Kollmorgen CVC700


The new CVC700 SW 1.3 release, which is part of system release NDC8 5.0, include multiple updates, enhancements and added functionalities that will help you navigate tricky situations like Moving Racks, Load Docking, Blockstorage and ATL. Book a demo to learn more about how you can benefit from the new features in CVC700.

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Key Benefits

Vehicle web interface

  • The new vehicle web interface has an easier sign-in, easier and enhanced design for port forwarding configurations as well as improved tool-tips.
  • It is now possible to see the vehicle-ID in the browser tab.
  • Other added functionalities are the possibility to update CAN-settings as well as error messages that improves the usability when doing software upgrades.

Support for three scanners

  • Moving Racks, Load Docking, Blockstorage and ATL can be tricky situations to navigate.
  • In the new CVC700 SW (P46164 v.1.3.0), you can easier solve those situations by navigating with 3 different sensors at different levels. In one area you can for example navigate with a top mounted sensor, while in other areas navigating with two lower mounted safety sensors.

Information about upcoming segments

  • Information about upcoming segments is now available for the PLC.
  • This functionality can for example be useful together with our new upcoming functionality Obstacle Avoidance.

New Web Interface

The functions for Update CAN Device Firmware and Update CANopen Settings can now be found on the Upload and Upgrade page.

Users get a warning if wheel angles are not close to 0 when performing a software upgrade.

The browser tab title now shows the vehicle ID.

Port forward configuration design has been updated for better user experience.


For more information or questions about CVC700 (46164) SW 1.3, contact your Kollmorgen Sales Representative or send an email to

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