NDC S platform for AMR

The NDC S platform is developed for customers who want to build an AMR that fits their customer's needs. We provide the software for a SLAM-based vehicle that can handle dynamic environments and that can be installed within a few hours.

Stay tuned as we continue the development of NDC S!




AMRs built with NDC S are

- On-board intelligence

- Fast, reliable and consistent path finding

- One web platform for setup, maintenance, and diagnostics

- User-friendly interface

- Fast installation

- Effortless obstacle avoidance in dynamic environments

- Collaboration with humans and machines

- Extensive built-in safety mechanisms

- Sophisticated sensors and algorithms to ensure standards-compliance


  • What is the difference between an AGV and an AMR?

 The AGV is like a train following predefined paths which makes it reliable, efficient and precise as long as the environment is as expected. A train can carry large and heavy loads.

The AMR is like a car that can drive more freely. This makes it agile and flexible to solve almost any transportation of smaller goods.

In modern society, we make use of trains as well as cars; the right vehicle in the right place. Kollmorgen sells kits for both AGVs and AMRs.

  • How do I purchase the NDC S product?

Kollmorgen sells the hardware and software that is needed to build an autonomous mobile robot (AMR). By becoming our partner you can buy the hardware and software that is needed to build a robot.

  • What is the benefit of becoming a partner with Kollmorgen?

What makes Kollmorgen outstanding is our business model. We do not sell autonomous mobile robots, we give you the opportunity to build the kind of vehicle that your customers need.

  • What is the benefit of buying NDC S compared to other AMR companies?

By using NDC S, you have the possibility to design and build a vehicle according to your specification and your end-customer's needs and automate it with the high-quality software from Kollmorgen.

A vehicle powered by NDC S technology can be upgraded to become an AGV, is that is needed in the future. The AMR hardware therefore gives you endless opportunities of doing automated transports!

Furthermore, with the NDC S platform, everyone is able to do a complete installation of an AMR system from scratch in less than a day. That is what we call an easy entry level to the world of advanced automation.

We have more than 40 years experience of autonomous vehicles. We’re experts in vehicle control solutions and can provide you with everything you need for excellent vehicle control, whatever the application. The result is lower total costs—for everybody involved.