NDC8 3.4 - New System Licensing


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For more information or questions about the release, contact your Kollmorgen sales representative or send an email to sales.agv@kollmorgen.com.


Easy to install and activate

  • A single set of License ID and password is the only thing needed to input
  • Not a lot of PDF files with owner keys and licenses
  • No entering of Owner key in the installation

License can be moved when replacing the server

Same technology as we use for the tools today

  • Not affected by Windows 10 updates

First release supports System Manager classic based systems

System Licensing - Delivery

A single license for the system including:

System Manager



 Two licenses

A set of two licenses are delivered

One perpetual system license

One time limited, ”emergency”, system license


Activation of the license

On-line if a connection to internet is possible

Off-line using another computer when the server is not connected

System Licensing - Purchasing



New System Manager product



Premium Support customers upgrading an existing system

The software upgrade is included in Premium Support but we will charge for a Software License administration service (T302) according to the pricelist for the license change

We will deliver a new license set

Note! The customer must return any hardware dongles!


System Licensing – Replacing a server

A scheduled replacement

Deactivate the license of the old server

Activate the license on the new server

The move can be performed a limited number of times for each license


A replacement due to a server breakdown

Use the emergency license on the new server