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Complete control of your system and vehicles.

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 System release NDC8 5.0 includes the recent developments and features in System Manager NG 4.0.0, which controls the whole AGV system (NDC8) and its traffic flow. In this release we will introduce a new algorithm within System Manager NG for Single Agent Path Planning (SAPP), improved explanation of the Multi Agent Path Planning (MAPP) algorithm's path planning, Linux in System Manager NG, and much more. Book a demo to find out why System Manager NG is the right choice for designing new systems.

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Key benefits of System Manager NG

  • Includes both SAPP and MAPP in the same platform.
  • The SAPP algorithm option in System Manager NG allows to drive up to 120 vehicles.
  • The MAPP algorithm option in System Manager NG focus on the whole fleet rather than treating each vehicle individually, to maximize small system's performance.
  • OPCUA support for easier end customer integration.
  • Both Windows and Linux environment are available.


  • Simple layout design for fast commissioning time.
  • Order management - Execute orders.
  • Vehicle management:
    - Optimize the traffic work flow.
    - Allocate optimal vehicles for the different transport assignments.
  • Vehicle capacity:
    - MAPP: Up to 20 AGVs.
    - SAPP: Up to 120 AGVs.
  • Traffic management:
    - Execute orders.
    - Control the traffic flow in the AGV system.
    - Prevent vehicle collisions by means of blockings.
  • Handle digital I/O (such as push button and open door).
  • System Manager is an OPC client.
  • Handle AGV, host and operator interface communication.
  • AGV Simulator to simulate the whole AGV system.
  • Optional encrypted communication with vehicles.

MAPP & SAPP – What's the difference?


Use Multi Agent Path Planning algorithm (MAPP) to focus on the whole fleet rather than treating each vehicle individually. With MAPP, individual vehicles move out of the way to improve the performance of the whole AGV system. This smart algorithm doesn't need clusters or route dependent rules to achieve a deadlock free system.


Use Single Agent Path Planning algorithm (SAPP) to let each AGV to find the shortest path to its goal. Each AGV makes its own plan towards its goal without considering other AGVs in the layout. The user defines AckPoint and Occupied clusters with help from the Deadlock detect function in Layout Designer. SAPP uses the clusters to handle complex scenarios and avoid traffic deadlocks.


For more information or questions about System Manager NG, contact your Kollmorgen Sales Representative or send an email to

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